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From our hotel in the town centre and near the seafront

From a small fishing village to place of residence for luminaries such as Marcel Proust, the seaside resort town of Cabourg embodies the Belle Époque. Founded around 1400 years ago, the town blossomed with the birth of seaside tourism, which experienced a boom in the 19th century thanks to new maritime and railway connections. Over the course of 20 years, Cabourg saw huge development with the construction of the first second homes of the modern era. The town became a favourite playground for architects. There’s so much here that will seem to take you away from reality, such as the Belle Époque villas, the Casino, the Grand Hotel (the inspiration for the setting of Marcel Proust’s “Within a Budding Grove”, the second volume of “In Search of Lost Time”), the Belle Époque gardens across from the Grand Hotel and Casino, and the 4 km long beach and its promenade. Such a romantic setting is the reason the Cabourg Film Festival shows films featuring romance or a certain romanticism at the heart of their narrative. Attracting the biggest names in French, European and international cinema, the festival has been held in June for more than 30 years.

Awarded the Famille Plus label for its family-friendly credentials, Cabourg has one of the loveliest beaches on the Norman coast. Also called the “Plage des romantiques” (Beach of the Romantics), it is perfect for young and old alike. You can idle away the hours or enjoy such activities as sea kayaking, stand-up paddling, catamaran rides, wind-surfing, jet-skiing or land sailing.

Here, sport is simply part of a way of life! Go running along the Promenade Marcel Proust, enjoy a round of golf, swim in the sea, or go hiking in the marshlands. Just 5 minutes from the sea, our hotel is ideal for experiencing Cabourg as it’s meant to be experienced, whatever time of year. Nearby is the casino. At this night hotspot, enjoy 75 slot machines, 9 electric roulette machines, English roulette, black jack and poker. Also in Cabourg are a number cinemas, shops, the racecourse known as the “Petit Vincennes normand” (“Little Vincennes of Normandy”, after Vincennes, Paris’ most famous race course), plus the many colourful parks and gardens that has been awarded the title of “Ville Fleurie” (Town in Bloom) with four flowers, the highest ranking.